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CHIGUN is a free for all platformer, pitting a pair of pistol wielding chickens against each other. Collect bullets by pecking them up from around the battlefield then ricochet them off the blocks to blast your poultry opponent into giblets.

You are currently playing the flash version of the game. If you enjoy this, please consider checking out the Full Version.

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Developer Log


Chigun started from me designing aliens for another game whilst on holiday in Austria, from which a full game has blossomed with local multiplayer and some ridiculous physics. Upon moving abroad to upstate New York for the summer, my good friend Tyler was thrown into the fray to bring his crazy art style to the table. We worked every night for two and a half months from 6pm till 2am to finish the game before going our separate ways. We've loved every minute of working on the project and hope you enjoy your time playing it.

Artwork - Tyler Giordano


Games Design - Alex Johansson


Any donations towards the project development are graciously appreciated, but sharing the experience of playing CHIGUN with friends and family is much more valuable to us.